Our Lord and Savior,  Jesus Christ.
Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
Christ is counting on you.
If you are a Cursillista.
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Cynthia Ann (Flores-Gonzales)
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Female February 12, 1968 cflores88130@aol.com Principal of a Family Center Married 1 258 St. Helen's in Portales NM YES! Fellowship-familia environment By helping me never feel alone. He's created the ultimate goal in my life and that is to allow HIM to be my Lord and savior and one day to live eternity with my master.
God is my leader, provider, comforter and who I live for...He has blessed me with an AWESOME family and I love my job.  I get to play with the youngest kids and work with the teachers that make a difference in their lives.  They ultimately shape the future and it is an honor and priviledge to work with them and the families of the great kids that are our future.  I am so blessed!
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Rebecca Garcia
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Female May 19, 1986 rg_becca@myway.com homemaker Committed Relationship 1 #378 Las Vega, NM Yes My most memmorable moment is the encounter with Jesus and being able to experiment that with some of my cousins who attended the cursillo with me. Jesus has always been in my life and has helped me overcome so many obstacles and temptations tha still continue to come my way.
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Charley Green
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crgtx@peoplepc.com Retired he-is-love.com Married 2 Wheeling-Charleston #52 Wheeling, WV Yes but I live in TX The Tot Security rollo. I never stopped living it. It is all about Him. He is always in the boat (Mark 4:35-41)
It is all about Him.  He is in us...because that is the way He wants it to be.  He loves every person...and uses us to do so just as much as we are willing to let Him.  It is all about Him...but it is all up to us.
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Pete Griego
January 31, 1960 petegriego@hotmail.com Married 2
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October 08, 1954 HOOLIHAN810@GMAIL.COM semi-retired Single 2 319 Las Vegas, New Mexico Getting to know our Lord better. My faith has increased and I am very involved in the Cursillo Movement.
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Juan Montoya
Male June 29, 2011 nmcathconf@aol.com Lawyer Married 9 # 62 Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary in Santa Fe yes I lived my Cursillo 41 years ago. I don't remember much except for the feeling of acceptance and friendship. I can trace everything good that has happened to me back to my Cursillo and that encounter with Christ.
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Ralph Ralph B. Nava (Nava)
August 20, 1949 ralphnava@aol.com Retired Married 5 123? Santa Fe Yes
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Geri Salazar
December 31, 1969 gerisalazar 2014@gmail.com
Geri Salazar
September 06, 1959 geri@salazarphotographynm.com Photographyer www.salazarphotographynm.com
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Alberta Cordova (Santistevan)
Female May 12, 1939 albertasanti@yahoo.com Retired Married 2 133 San Jose, Albuquerque, NM Introduction to the reality that Jesus is with me every moment. By his presence in my life every day
I lived my Cursillo in 1974 at San Jose Parish inAlbuquerque, NM
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