What is Palanca?
What is a letter of palanca?
The Palanca is the action – prayer of intercession, sacrifice, or charitable deeds, and can be done without writing a letter.
A letter of palanca is what is sent to the candidates and the team, telling them of the prayers and sacrifices that you are offering to God on their behalf.  A letter can be sent explaining the type of palanca that is being offered, but the letter is not the actual palanca. 
Together, the community of believers may give a general palanca. As we have been blessed with general palancas, we should send our blessings to others. Please provide information on the palanca that you have offered for the spiritual success of the Cursillo movement and members around the world. Cursillos occur daily around the world.
The following link is a list of all the upcoming Cursillos and we ask you that offer palanca so that those Cursillos may be successful. 

If you'd like to send a palanca send it to asfcursillo@yahoo.com.