School of Leaders

The School of Leaders meet on every third Saturday of the Month at 9:30 am. at Santa Maria de La Paz Catholic Community Center. Unless otherwise informed.

The Branches
Albuquerque                                         Santa Fe

      Las Vegas                     Santa Cruz


Archdiocese of Santa Fe Cursillo
School of Leaders - Branches
Meets-Wednesday's 6:30 pm at Holy Family Parish 
Spanish Meets-Monday's 6:30 pm at Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish 
Las Vegas:
Meets- Wednesdays 6:00 pm at Rev. George Salazar Catholic Center, 500 National Ave., Las Vegas, NM **MAP**
Ultreya every 2nd Friday of the month
Lay Director: Eva Rivera    Phone:  (505) 425-8179

Santa Cruz:
Meets- TBA
Ultreya TBA – not regular
Lay Director: Vangie Salazar         Phone (505)927-4756 or 753-6622
Santa Fe:
Meets- TBA 
Ultreya TBA 
Lay Director: Deacon Andy Carrillo             Phone: (505) 470-7147   
If there is anything that you'd like to inform or comment to us regarding your Branches please contact us:
Leader's Tripod - A Commitment to Christ
Leader's Tripod - A Commitment to Christ